Letter from the Editor

COVID-19 is the big news of the day. Unfortunately, there are multiple articles on the subject every day and the situation changes every day. Therefore, we will be unable to bring you the latest news and information on relevant developments. We will do the best we can.

NV-CURE joined with the ACLU and other organization requesting the NV Governor take action for the release of various groups of prisoners, including those at high risk (over 55, heart problems, asthma, A-fib, COPD, etc.), short timers, and people with over 30 years of incarceration. We sent a copy of the letter to a few prisoners all major NDOC facilities requesting the information be shared with others.

The Governor sent [it] to the Sentencing Commission (SC) for their consideration. A hearing was held on the April 13, 2020, and the SC declined any action except returning to the Governor with a recommendation to convene the Pardon Board for further action deemed appropriate. We will see what comes next, which we should know before publication and will advise anyone that telephones us on the matters.

There is a problem with the prisoner protective measures the NDOC has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the prison system we would like to see addressed. These protective measures are designed to stop NDOC employees from bringing the virus into NDOC facilities and include, but are not limited to, taking employee temperatures when entering the facility and wearing rubber gloves and face masks when interacting with prisoners. The wearing of rubber gloves and face masks is discretionary and the individual employee has the option of wearing or not wearing the face masks and rubber gloves.

Our problem is with the discretionary use of these safety procedures. This safety precaution should NOT BE DISCRETIONARY! Preventing COVID-19 from coming into the prison is the purpose of the gloves and masks and these safety measures should not be up to an individual NDOC employee to decide.

NV-CURE has raised the safety issue of masks with NDOC Director Daniels and we hope that prisoners at every institution will use available procedures to insure it is mandatory for all NDOC employees to wear masks and gloves when interacting with prisoners.

Please keep us advised by telephone or mail of any and all incidents related to any problems associated with COVID-19 and call us with relevant information. Thank you.

From: Nevada Cure IB Newsletter No. 43, May 2020

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