About Nevada Cure

We are a support- and advocacy group of people whose life has been negatively affected by Nevada’s criminal justice system.

We offer compassionate caring and information to help prisoners, their families, and friends navigate “the system”.

We are an active voice working to educate other about the need for more effective criminal justice policies, procedures, and programs.  NV Cure members are entitled to state and national newsletter and other mail outs.

Our goals and activities are guided by your concerns and suggestions.
We will be happy to hear from you!

Our address:

Nevada-CURE, Inc.,
P.O. Box 231953,
Las Vegas, NV 89105
Nevadacure @ gmail.com
Tel: 702.347.1731

Facebook: Facebook.com/NVCure/

Twitter: @NevadaCure

Read and Follow our News-Blog for our latest news

One thought on “About Nevada Cure

  1. I have several friends in the Nevada system…I heard that the AB236 passed which is wonderful if it did but I was wondering how it would effect those already sentenced under the old law? Will there time be recalculated? Most are in there under drug cases…To my understanding it will be signed into law in July.

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