Letter from the Editor

COVID-19 is the big news of the day. Unfortunately, there are multiple articles on the subject every day and the situation changes every day. Therefore, we will be unable to bring you the latest news and information on relevant developments. We will do the best we can.

NV-CURE joined with the ACLU and other organization requesting the NV Governor take action for the release of various groups of prisoners, including those at high risk (over 55, heart problems, asthma, A-fib, COPD, etc.), short timers, and people with over 30 years of incarceration. We sent a copy of the letter to a few prisoners all major NDOC facilities requesting the information be shared with others.

The Governor sent [it] to the Sentencing Commission (SC) for their consideration. A hearing was held on the April 13, 2020, and the SC declined any action except returning to the Governor with a recommendation to convene the Pardon Board for further action deemed appropriate. We will see what comes next, which we should know before publication and will advise anyone that telephones us on the matters.

There is a problem with the prisoner protective measures the NDOC has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the prison system we would like to see addressed. These protective measures are designed to stop NDOC employees from bringing the virus into NDOC facilities and include, but are not limited to, taking employee temperatures when entering the facility and wearing rubber gloves and face masks when interacting with prisoners. The wearing of rubber gloves and face masks is discretionary and the individual employee has the option of wearing or not wearing the face masks and rubber gloves.

Our problem is with the discretionary use of these safety procedures. This safety precaution should NOT BE DISCRETIONARY! Preventing COVID-19 from coming into the prison is the purpose of the gloves and masks and these safety measures should not be up to an individual NDOC employee to decide.

NV-CURE has raised the safety issue of masks with NDOC Director Daniels and we hope that prisoners at every institution will use available procedures to insure it is mandatory for all NDOC employees to wear masks and gloves when interacting with prisoners.

Please keep us advised by telephone or mail of any and all incidents related to any problems associated with COVID-19 and call us with relevant information. Thank you.

From: Nevada Cure IB Newsletter No. 43, May 2020

Change of Address Information:

NV-CURE has a new address.

P.O. Box 231953
Las Vegas, NV 89105

You MUST INCLUDE ‘NV-CURE’ as the addressee or the mail will NOT BE DELIVERED. After NV-CURE you may write: Attn: (and the name of the person you are writing to). Our telephone number will remain the same. Spread the information to prevent the Postman from returning your mail. Thank you.

Change of Address for NV-CURE

Logo Nevada Cure Hawk-Black CrowPlease note the Change of Address for NV-CURE.
Our new address is:

P.O. Box 231953
Las Vegas, NV  89105

Our telephone number will remain the same.

Be sure to include NV-CURE first in any letter addressed to us – not just the name of a person.  Any mail that does not have NV-CURE first in the addressee may be rejected by the Post Office.

Additionally, our meeting place on the last Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM has also been changed.  Our meetings will now be held on the last Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM at:

Community Center
401 S. Maryland Pkwy,
Las Vegas, NV  89101


NV-CURE Director and Secretary Position and a Grant Writer

A position as a Director and Secretary for NV-CURE will be open within the next year. Our current Director and Secretary, WILLIAM O’CONNELL, is going to retire from the position. He has done a wonderful job and we sincerely hate to see him go.

Any person interested in becoming a Director and the Secretary for NV-CURE should contact our leader, John Witherow, and request consideration for the positions. As a Director, you will vote on issues and assist in running the organization. As the Secretary, you will be the backbone of the organization and be the person who handles the mail (pick-up, delivery, scanning, and e-mailing), securing people to answer
prisoner correspondence, work on special projects, logging, printing and mailing newsletter, tracking membership and supporting, logging complaints, making bank deposits, assisting with fundraisers, talking and typing minutes of meetings, and performing any other functions needed by the organization It is a very big job and any applicant should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to the job.

Right now, the Secretary is paid $1.00 per year for their work for NV-CURE, which is donated back to the organization. We are going to try to change that. We are looking for a grant writer and the number one project of the grant writer will be trying to secure a grant for $50,000.00 per
year for the work and operation of NV-CURE of the Secretary.

Anyone want the job? If so, please contact our organization.

We also need a grant writer. Is there any out there who wants to be a grant writer, or assist a person in the process, with the very first project of securing a grant for pay for the NV-CURE Secretary position? If so, please contact our organization immediately.

540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Email: Nevadacure @ gmail.com
Tel: 702.347.1731

Spring issue of our Nevada Cure Newsletter is out now!

Our Informational Bulletin nr 28 (March 2018) is available to read online here:


We need volunteers for our activities!

Also, there have been no responses from any Nevada attorneys for a potential class action for Hep C treatment in Nevada’s prisons, which offer no medical care for Hep C sufferers.

Please spread the word, get involved!

Agenda for our Nevada Cure Monthly Meeting of November 2016


For November 30th, 2016, at 6:30 PM

Law Office of Gallian, Welker & Beckstrom, LC

Meeting Location:

Conference Room
540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Tel.: 702.347.1731
Email: Nevadacure@gmail.com
Web: Nevadacure.org

Conference Call Number and Code:

Code: 493815#

The following is the Agenda for the NV-CURE Monthly Meeting:

You can download the Agenda here.

Nevada Cure to the ACAJ: Revise the entire Nevada criminal sentencing system

As presented to the Advisory Committee on the Administration of Justice (ACAJ), August 31st, 2016 (postponed to Sept. 12th)

Nevada Cure Position on the NV Criminal Sentencing System, part 2 (8-31-2016)

Nevada Cure presentation to ACAJ 8-31-2016 Sources

Nevada Cure Position on the NV Criminal Sentencing System, part 1 (05-06-2016)

Agenda for the monthly meeting of July 27, 2016

For July 27, 2016: 6:30 PM PST

Law Office of Gallian, Welker & Beckstrom, LC
540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Nevadacure.org / Nevadacure[@]gmail.com

Conference Call Number and Code:
712-432- 0926
Code: 493815#

Click here for the WORD-version

The following is the Agenda for NV-CURE Monthly Meeting:

1. Identification of Members and Guests present at meeting and introduction of new members/guests.

2. Approval of Agenda.

3. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting.

4. Open comments by members and guests.

5. Issues to be discussed at meeting:

  a. Purchase of House on Santa Rita – Halfway House for Women (Travis)

  b. Purchase House Headquarters and Halfway House for Women (John)

  c. 8/31/16 ACAJ Meeting and NV-CURE Presentation (John)

  d. Printer/Scanner Fixed (John)

  e. Computer Donations – Sharnel and Natalie (Natalie)

  f. Bank Account – Secured Credit Card (John)

  g. Prisoner Mail – Don and Tracy (Don)

6. Suggestions and recommendations for acts to be performed before next meeting.

7. Set date, time and place for next meeting. (Next Meeting August 31, 2016)

We welcome the participation of all Nevada CURE Members/Supporters and invite all to
attend any monthly NV-CURE meetings that may be scheduled.  We want all members to
participate in the process.