NV-CURE Needs Your Help to Exist

By: John Witherow, NV-CURE President

NV-CURE is a non-profit organization. All donations to us are used for the activities of our organization to make constructive changes to the NV prison and parole systems. All of our people are volunteers and none of us get paid for our activities on behalf of the organization – EXCEPT the Directors, who receive $1.00 per year for their activities, which each donates back to the organization.

We spend our own money in various NV-CURE activities – when we should actually be reimbursed for our expenses, at the very least, for our time and efforts on behalf of NV prisoners, We do what we can with what we have donated to us.

Unfortunately, it costs money to do what we do. The more money we have, the more we can do; the less we have the less we can do. None of us are wealthy and all of us scramble to pay the bills every month. We devote a great deal of time and effort to the “cause” – because we believe in what we do. Regretfully, we cannot do more.

In addition to our voluntary efforts, we currently have eight (8) Members that donate financial resources to our organization every month, 1 person donates $3.00, 3 donate $5.00, 3 donate $10.00 and 1 donates $45.00. That equals $98.00 per month.

We were lucky to have some large donors in the past that helped to keep our bank balance over $10,000.00. However, we have not had that in the recent past and our bank account has gone down steadily to a very small amount. We cannot do what we do with what we have.

Without your help, NV-CURE may cease to exist. We know that times are very tough for many of us during this pandemic, however, now more than ever, our efforts and activities must continue.

Please, donate the amount you are able on a monthly basis to help keep our organization operating. 100 people donating $10.00 a month on an ongoing basis would allow us to continue our efforts and, perhaps, expand them.

We need your help – or we will be gone.

Thank you

Latest Newsletter – please help distribute it!


Attached is the NV-CURE Newsletter, No. 44, for June 2020. Download and read the first 3 articles. Important.

As indicated, NV-CURE resources are limited and we are no longer publishing our Newsletter in Res Gestae Magazine. We need your help in getting our Newsletter to our over 400 prisoner Members. You may donate to us and we will print and mail, OR, you can agree to print (10 pages printed on both sides of a page – 5 pages, 1 stamp) and mail to a given number of prisoners.

If you agree to help by printing and mailing, please send an email to our Secretary, Caanen Clegg, and ask her for the name, number and institution of the prisoners you will print and mail to.
Thank you for your help.


Nevada Cure has a new site!

Nevada-Cure-Feather-LogoNevada Cure has moved to a new site, with the same address, Nevadacure.org. We hope that you will like it and that everything will be easily found on here. We will be tweaking it here and there still.

Just as a reminder:
We are also on twitter: https://twitter.com/nevadacure
And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NVCure/

Be sure to “like” and “follow” us there too, thank you!

You can also donate to Nevada Cure via Paypal!



Our latest Info-Bulletin with news on Nevada canteen prices being higher than in other states

Here is Nevada Cure’s January 2018 Informational Bulletin, covering many topics, amongst them:

– An In Memoriam for attorney Carl Potter III, and a call to help raise funds for the Cal J. Potter, III, Memorial Fund, for a Civil Rights Clinic at UNLV Boyd School of Law.

– A hurray that Kirstin Lobato was finally released!!

Attention NDOC Population – Canteen Prices
By Don Sherman, Death Row, ESP

We recently obtained a copy of a Catalog for Access Securepak California Quarterly Package  program (californiaqp.com). Curiously, the address is in Sparks, NV, the same as our vendor. Now get this – the prices are almost one half of what we and our families pay! No joke, here are a few

Nike Air Overplay Shoes: CA – $56.95  – – – – – – – – – NV –$ 97.85!
Reebok Kobo Sandals: CA – $16.00- – – – – – – – – – – –  NV – $30.70
Maxwell House 8 oz. coffee: CA – $5.80 – – – – – – – – – NV – $11.10
Amp’d 15” and 13” TV w/CD player & FM tuner:
CA-$219.95 and $179.95- – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – –  NV 13” – $325.00

Plus, they offer California a vastly wider variety of food, drink, clothing, hygiene products, and appliances.
This practice of pricing our package items at extortive rates and imposing arbitrary small selections must end. The previous NDOC administration was clearly using our program as a means to fund the state, not as a benefit to the inmate population. The statutes in NRS give the Board of Corrections / Director the authority to institute programs “for the benefit of all inmates.” How is extorting the inmate population and their families in any way a benefit for us? These programs were corrupted by greed, mismanagement, and an obvious disregard for our care and benefit.

It’s time we acted to change this. It is time to show unity and act! In Nevada, the prisoner population has little social/political representation. The absence of support from the outside community enables NDOC to act with impunity, misuse our programs and welfare fund, over-price our canteen, and
abuse us in general. We must get involved!

Please ask your families, friends, and attorneys to contact NV-CURE and coordinate to protest the mistreatment of NV prisoners!

Also, ask your people to go online to the NDOC website, go to family services, and send the Director their objections regarding the extortive prices on our food and clothing items. Please act!

Have your people log on to californiaqp.com, print out the catalog (or specific pages of it) and mail it in to you. Then, file grievances and attach those pricing pages as proof. Bombard the Director’s office with calls and emails! Complaints from the outside carry much more weight than complaints from us.

Please pass this newsletter around the yard. Ask people to actually do something and make an effort instead of bitching about shit and doing nothing. If we all make a concerted effort, we can cause change! NV-CURE is our best bet. They are the only organization in Nevada looking out for us, and we should try to throw as much support their way as we can.

Please have your families, friends, and attorneys contact NV-CURE and ask how they can help or how to coordinate action to Director Dzurenda’s office.

Let’s make some noise and give it a shot. A few of us are trying, but if a few thousand of us had people call the Director’s office, that might produce results.

NOTE: NV-CURE apologizes. This article should have run 4 months ago. We overlooked it in our efforts. Sorry.

Here is the Nevada Cure January 2018 Informational Bulletin (Newsletter)

Help Nevada Cure send Holiday Cards to Prisoners

Attention all NV-CURE Members and Supporters:
NV-CURE will be sending Christmas Cards to all our Members in prison.
We need help addressing, stamping, writing and mailing the Christmas Cards.  If you can help, be at the following locations:
Saturday, 12/9/17, 11 am to 3 PM at Grouchy John’s Coffee Shop, 8520 S. Maryland Parkway, LV
Monday, 12/11/17, 11 am to 3 PM, Catholic Workers House, 500 W. Van Buren, LV.
As for writing, Just put: Very Best for the Holidays, NV-CURE Workers.  No notes or personal asides to the Members inside.  We do not want any problems.  Good going.
Be there to help if you can.  Thanks.

Nevada Cure Agenda for our November Monthly Meeting


For November 30th, 2016, at 6:30 PM 

Law Office of Gallian, Welker & Beckstrom, LC

Meeting Location:

Conference Room
540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Tel.: 702.347.1731
Email: Nevadacure@gmail.com
Web: Nevadacure.org

Conference Call Number and Code:

Code: 493815#

The following is the Agenda for the NV-CURE Monthly Meeting:

You can download the Agenda here.