Meet the Members of the Nevada Cure Board of Directors

The following is the NV-CURE Board of Directors and Officers:

Board of Directors:

John Witherow, Director, President
Sharnel Silvey, Board, Vice President
Craig Caples, Board, Vice President
William O’Connell, Board, Secretary
Sara Bartel, Board, Legislative Chair
Annabelle Parker, Board, Webmaster

Officers: Jennifer Nealey and Michelle Ravell, Treasurers

All board members and officers are volunteers.

John Witherow, Director of Nevada Cure

John Witherow, Director of Nevada Cure

Director: John Witherow

John Witherow is the President of NV-CURE. He is a prisoner rights advocate and has been involved in the civil rights movement since 1967 and has acted as a “jailhouse lawyer” since 1972.

John is 68 years old and has served over 40 calendar years in various state and federal prisons. He was released on a lifetime parole in November of 2010 and assisted in the re-activation of NV-CURE in April and May of 2011. He is dedicated to reforming the prison and parole systems through education of the public on issues related to those systems.

Director and Chair of Legislative Committee: Sara Bartel

Sara BartelSara Bartel serves on the Board of Directors for NV-CURE and acts as Legislative Chair. Although never incarcerated herself, Sara grew up with a step parent in prison and has been passionate about prisoners’ rights for many years. Sara majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology in college. As a law student Sara acted as student manager for the Post Conviction DNA Project at Duquesne School of Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There she gained a great deal of experience working on innocence claims and deepened her commitment to prisoner rights advocacy. Although Sara is not a criminal defense or civil rights attorney and cannot give legal advice to NV CURE members, she is happy to be able to share her knowledge of legal research.

Sara is also a strong advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community as well as the HIV+ community and leads the Criminal Justice team for a local human rights group called Rights Society.


Treasurer: Michelle Ravell

Michelle Ravell is the Treasurer of NV CURE. She has been a bookkeeper for over 20 years. She has also been involved as an advocate for the innocent, as well as an advocate for prison reform.

Michelle has not served time in any jail or prison, but has been exposed to the issues due to her work as an advocate for wrongfully convicted and released Kirstin Blaise Lobato. She has served on the Board of NV CURE since its re-activation in 2011.

Webmaster: Annabelle Parker

Annabelle has been with Nevada Cure since 2011. She lives overseas and from there she assists with the website of Nevada-Cure amongst others. 

Annabelle has been an advocate for prisoners’ rights since the beginning of this century, and she was attracted to Nevada’s prison issues after reading about the appalling situation of (the absence of) medical care in NDOC prisons.