Nevada-Cure Quarterly Meetings with NDOC

For April 25, 2019, at time to be determined
Meeting Location:
3955 W. Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Director’s Conference Room

NV-CURE Presence: John Witherow, President; William O’Connell, Secretary; Craig Caples, Vice President; and Sara Bartel, Legislative Committee Chair.

NDOC Presence: Director James Dzurenda, Executive Assistant Cynthia Keller, and (to be determined).

Meeting discussion may Include the following matters:

  1. Importance of AR 740 Grievance Procedures for resolution of issues, Judicial Conference on Procedures, and simplification of procedures. Remove all hurdles, maker the process easier for prisoners to navigate, and REQUIRE Caseworker and/or Associate Warden of Programs to ACTUALLY address the issue(s). (John)
  2. Retaliation against prisoners for filing grievances MUST BE STOPPED. Many problems and bad attitudes are built by retaliation and punishments for using the grievance process. Prisoners are labeled “rats”, “informants”, and run off the yards (encouraged and allowed to happen by C/O (and their C/O friends) for filing grievances, perpetuating further retaliation in the future. NOTE: NDOC staff need to be trained that retaliation for filing grievances will not be tolerated and preventive disciplinary procedures against NDOC staff must be implemented. The purpose of the grievance process is to informally resolve issues BEFORE anger and animosity builds and a major problem develops. (John)
  3. Urine testing for drugs and disciplinary reports for “watered down” urine samples. These disciplinary reports must be reversed and expunged. There is absolutely no way to determine that a urine sample is “watered” down – unless it is actually observed by a C/O. (Craig).
  4. Discussion of Legislative Bills of Interest to parties and possible mutual support. (Sara).
  5. Updated Information Sheet on Good Time Computations. Old one is outdated. (Sara).
  6. NV-CURE fundraiser at HDSP.
  7. Hep C treatment for all.

Hereby we present the Minutes of Meetings Nevada-Cure has had with the Administration of NDOC