NV-CURE Needs Your Help to Exist

By: John Witherow, NV-CURE President

NV-CURE is a non-profit organization. All donations to us are used for the activities of our organization to make constructive changes to the NV prison and parole systems. All of our people are volunteers and none of us get paid for our activities on behalf of the organization – EXCEPT the Directors, who receive $1.00 per year for their activities, which each donates back to the organization.

We spend our own money in various NV-CURE activities – when we should actually be reimbursed for our expenses, at the very least, for our time and efforts on behalf of NV prisoners, We do what we can with what we have donated to us.

Unfortunately, it costs money to do what we do. The more money we have, the more we can do; the less we have the less we can do. None of us are wealthy and all of us scramble to pay the bills every month. We devote a great deal of time and effort to the “cause” – because we believe in what we do. Regretfully, we cannot do more.

In addition to our voluntary efforts, we currently have eight (8) Members that donate financial resources to our organization every month, 1 person donates $3.00, 3 donate $5.00, 3 donate $10.00 and 1 donates $45.00. That equals $98.00 per month.

We were lucky to have some large donors in the past that helped to keep our bank balance over $10,000.00. However, we have not had that in the recent past and our bank account has gone down steadily to a very small amount. We cannot do what we do with what we have.

Without your help, NV-CURE may cease to exist. We know that times are very tough for many of us during this pandemic, however, now more than ever, our efforts and activities must continue.

Please, donate the amount you are able on a monthly basis to help keep our organization operating. 100 people donating $10.00 a month on an ongoing basis would allow us to continue our efforts and, perhaps, expand them.

We need your help – or we will be gone.

Thank you