Nevada-Cure Monthly Meeting Agenda March 25th

Our Monthly Meeting is on March 25th, our apologies for the late announcement.

Here is the Agenda:

The following is the Agenda for NV-CURE Monthly Meeting:


For March 25, 2015 : 6:30 PM PST

Law Office of Gallian, Welker & Beckstrom, LC
Meeting Location, Conference Room
540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Tel: 702.347.1731 - Email: [email protected] - Website:

Conference Call Number and Code: 712-432-0926
Code: 493815#

1. Identification of Members and Guests present at meeting and introduction of new

2. Approval of Agenda. (Agenda is late. Any objection to less than 10 day notice).

3. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting.

4. Open comments by members and guests.

5. Issues to be discussed at meeting:

    a. Election Procedures for Board of Directors – June 2015

    b. Update on medical issues. (Weisner)

    c. Advertising in Newsletter (Greg).

    d. Meeting With Senator Bower on Ombudsman Bill SB 279 (John)

    e. CA PACT (Parole and Community Team) (John)

    f. Update on Relocation (John and Natalie)

6. Suggestions and recommendations for acts to be performed before next meeting.

7. Set date, time and place for next meeting. (Next Meeting April 28, 2015)

8. Adjourn meeting.